I’m MarJan, a skillful , professional freelance cartoonist. You can hire me to help you out with your business or personal project ideas, come to life. I offer honest, highly experienced service with revisions included.

What I can Do
Cartoons are my life.I’ve draw them for  hundreds of projects, either directly or through various third parties, studios, and design firms.​I’ve worked hard to build a reputation for being reliable, easy to work with, and a pretty good draw-er.
Mascot Design
Character Design
T-Shirt Design
My illustrations can be used for magazines , newspapers, websites, blogs ..
Amazing mascot designs  for the face of your business, toys  and more…
Cartoon t-shirts designs  are useable for personal or  bussines purpose
All kind of dynamic characters design , characters with personality
Logo Design
Book Illustrations
Products design
Efficient and efective way to reach out to your clients groups thru cartoon 
 I also create caricatures from real life photos .
Necessity for standing out of competition , attcract attention and be recognizable
Book stories are best visiable thru the illustration 
And many many more cool stuff ......
Characters / Mascots / Caricatures
  1. Monkey
    Monkeys nature is always funny
  2. Drunk Santa Claus
    Drunk Santa Claus
    Santa knows how to party
  3. Knight
    Strong and brave is the knight
  4. Zombie
    Zombie design for cartoon series
  5. Cute Dragon
    Cute Dragon
    dragon with manners
  6. Zombie Butcher
    Zombie Butcher
    Zombies attack out
  7. Bad Squierell
    Bad Squierell
    Character design for cartoon animation
  8. Biker
    Lots of hair there
  9. White Dragon Fitness Trainer Mascot
    White Dragon Fitness Trainer Mascot
    Mascot for fitness trainer
  10. Cute Beaver
    Cute Beaver
    Just your friendly neighborhood beaver
  11. Polar Bear
    Polar Bear
    Bears can be funny
  12. Undertaker
    Scary and funny is personality of undertakers
  1. Witch cooking potion
    Witch cooking potion
    Witches are good in cooking
  2. Swamp
    Illustration for product design , for cup to be exact
  3. Taxi driver
    Taxi driver
    Cover for game
  4. Shark dinner
    Shark dinner
    Practice again
  5. The escape
    The escape
    Illustration for book
  6. The Pelistero
    The Pelistero
    Comic page
  7. The pregnancy
    The pregnancy
    Just for practice
  8. Pumpkin and skull
    Pumpkin and skull
    Stock illustration
  9. Rabbit and the turtle
    Rabbit and the turtle
    Book illustration
  10. Halloween Poster
    Halloween Poster
    Stock illustration Poster
  11. Batman cover
    Batman cover
    Coloring book cover
  12. Illustration for game
    Illustration for game
    Game background
  1. Boonda Logo
    Boonda Logo
    Logo design for gaming site
  2. Budha Logo
    Budha Logo
    Logo for e cigarette Company
  3. Leprechaun Logo
    Leprechaun Logo
    E cigarette logo design
  4. Local Expressions
    Local Expressions
    Logo for tourist company
  5. The nagigator
    The nagigator
    Logo for products company
  6. Swamp Rats
    Swamp Rats
    Town baseball junior league team
As you already know , I’m a fulltime freelance cartoonist. I've turned professional in 2009 when i started working for the gaming company in my hometown and since that  havent stoped doing cartoons upgrading and learning something new everyday . So i have worked for the same company for 5 years and affter that i went solo , and since then iam still solo , not counting my wife . :D 

Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with my life story. (I’d bore myself). I guess you just really need to know a few basics. After all, you’ll want to know what type of person you might be hiring. So I’m based in the Macedonia, city of Bitola to be specific. And I work in a home-based studio. I’m incredibly lucky that I get to do the work I love around the people I love. Maried with one daughter , So you can say iam a very family-orientated individual. They inspire me to work hard and keep me focused and driven (which is good news for you!)

Anyway, I’ve been cartooning for as long as I can remember. I think it all started when I used to draw lots of faces when I was a kid. mostly during the class . My main artistic influences would have to be TV shows from old cartoon network such as the Samurai Jack,Dexter, Simpsons, Looney Tunes,  and of course, all movies from Disney .


Thanks for a excellent job, very happy with your service and quality of work. Look forward to sending more work your way.

Chris Malloy Australia

Marjan took a concept and delivered excellent interpretations and great drawings. He did this promptly and prefessionally and within a very short period of time . When I asked for revisions for something I wanted enhanced the results were excellent, fast and accurate . I can definitely recommend his work and will use him in the future again.

Smith Phil USA

If you need an illustrator, look no further than Marjan. He created 30 cartoon images for my pet products. They all have personality, look original, he drew them in a couple of days and was very polite and cooperative. A real pleasure to work with!

Sora Mankiewicz Australia

This is quality work! Not only is it exactly what I wanted, it was done a lot sooner than I expected too. I will certainly be hiring Marjan again in the future.

Paul Laird USA

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